5 Ways To Honour The Red Wedding.

The web is dark and full of terrors, and for all of you loyal Starks out there, The Red Wedding is a sensitive subject, something that touches the nerve, even if you had never approved of Robb's actions, his death was a vendetta so cruel it made us all weep, as Roose Bolton took out his dagger, and slit the throat of the King in the North.

The moment, when Catelyn Stark heard Rains of Castamere playing in the background, and that chill you've all felt when she revealed Bolton's armour, surely was one of the most impactful moments in Game of Thrones and TV history itself. Often you may wonder, how one can honour the fall of the Stark boy king, the early demise of his wife and the unborn heir, before his eyes.

Well, there are several ways out there, and for a few bucks, one can really choose a side, so while we await the last season, the Starks seem to be on solid ground, despite the treat beyond the wall, and it's time we side with the house that suffered a whole lot more than any other in Westeros.

Join us, as we present you the five ways to honour the fall of the Stark boy king, and the betrayal the Freys paid in blood, and ruin, few years later.


Yes, this is definitely our favourite, as Direwolves are loyal beasts, and you surely remember the gruesome way Robb's direwolf was butchered before our eyes, and while we experienced it through Arya, this still was a moment that got us to think about all the weddings we've been to, all the family drama, and comparing to Arya's loss, it's nothing.

Classic white shirt with blooded direwolf as a sigil of the fallen Stark can be paired with pretty much anything, from jeans to the skirts, for casual look, and while the majority of folks will approach you, recognizing the symbol of rebellion, and comment on Catelyn's appearance in the books, you still will be able to pull it off in every way, given its rather subtle sign for those watching, and relatively low key when it comes to the people that will judge you for it.


Winter is coming, and nothing shows loyalty more than siding with the right house, in the midst of the war. No it doesn't have to be direct reference to the red wedding, as it is quite hard to relive something like that, but still a river wind softly moans, you too shall know which house rules the North.


Starks, and them only hold the power now, and Robb may be dead, Bran may be crippled, Arya may not wear the same face every day, and Sansa may be the cruel version of her mother, but still, Stark themed shirt is must-have when it comes to honoring the red wedding, for the timber groan that you too shall know what comes after it.


He broke the wow to the lord of the twins, but that foreign beauty was more than a kiss, and she healed the wounds, came to him, so what could King in the North do?

In a way Robb did what he could, and some outcomes could not be foreseen, not in Westeros, but still while the new King in The North reigns, we must admit that every time we see King in The North themed shirt, we think of that night, and the Rains of Castamere play in our head.

The shirt is pretty much paired with anything, and yes Stark may not be written all over it, but it still is suitable to be worn, and if you do happen to be a Northerner, then it's a perfect combination, for the winter already came, and dead came with it.


Our favourite Stark, and probably the reason behind the idea of us watching this HBO shown, Ned Stark themed shirt is as throwback to many things, and some are simply more than the others, like red wedding, the feast that came after his death, the war that came after another Boy King, Joffrey Baratheon decided that the only justice was to execute the man that proclaimed him an illegitimate heir and started the War of five Kings.

Whether you approved of Ned's actions or not, you must admit, he at least stood by his word, and through him, we've seen the man Robb is to be, so when the time came, Robb did the same as his father, unknowingly, which led him to his death, and the death of his son along with the fall of house Stark, that left us all baffled.


In a way, Sansa was probably our least favourite Stark, and not only for her actions that led to the Lady being killed, and first Direwolf being buried in the Riverlands, but also for her childish dream that led to more than just a war.

All this piles up to the moment where she becomes the fierce Stark representative who not only murders those who betray her but avenges those who betrayed her father, and those who made the moves that eventually led to the red wedding itself, but her allegiance to her house is something we admire, so a Direwolf sigil necklace is something that was inspired by Sansa's jewellery, especially in the 6th season.

Final thoughts

There are several ways to honour the red wedding, but clothing speaks for itself, and for a true Stark, one must know that the loyalty in Westeros is seen through embroidery and for the world we live in, it surely is about shirts, as that's the only piece of clothing that allows us to express ourselves and at the same time be devoted fans of Game of Thrones, mastepiece that is real, in our minds, at least...


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