7 Reasons To Buy Your Dog a Bow Tie Collar.


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Show off your pooches above average personality with some above average neckwear! While all of the other dogs walk around with mere nylon collars hanging from their necks - your dog could be the talk of the town with his snazzy bow tie!

I can picture it now, you step into the dog park, and all eyes are on him - the dogs are looking, the humans are looking. And there you are, a proud doggie parent basking in the glory of your prim and proper pooch.

But I’m not talking any old bow tie, I mean come on, we all have standards. I’m talking an actual bow tie dog collar - after all, safety comes first. And there’s no point having a lost dog running around town no matter how dapper he might look.

And before you think that this bow tie game is only for the guys, hold onto your hats because lady dogs are pulling off this look just as well, if not better than the boys!

1. Instantly Transform Scary Dogs into Cute Ones


Photo Credit @aspenvalleywolves via Instagram

I’m a fan of big dogs, always have been, always will be. But even I am not immune to hearing the whispers and seeing the stares of fear that often comes my way when walking my big scary looking dog around the park.

In the past, people and their pets would cross to the other side of the road just to get away from us, Gangster - my dog - acted like it didn’t bother her, but deep down inside - I could tell she was hurt.

I set out on a mission to give my dog the same kind of reputation as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Sure, she’s big, but she’s just a big softie. And that’s when I stumbled onto the Bow Tie Collar from iPlayFetch! Now, wherever we go, people cross the street to be on the same side as us! Gangster loves the attention, and the number of selfies she gets to be in every day!

2. It’s Just Adorable


Photo Credit @thefamousmrbeefy via Instagram

I mean, come on, who can resist a dog in a bow tie? A monster, that’s who. But seriously, anyone with a pulse can’t help but let out a small squeal of delight upon seeing a dignified looking pooch trotting along the road in a little bow tie.

Where’s he going? Is he a dog model? Does he have meetings? Part of the magic is not knowing who this dog is, or why he’s cool enough to wear a bow tie.

That could be your dog, enjoying the adoring looks, and words of wonder - all it takes is some formal dog wear, and the right attitude to pull it off!

3. Instagram Worthy

We’re all Insta-obsessed, from waiting for the best light, and finding the right colour outfit, to only eating your food once it’s cold - but it’s OK because you got the perfect shot.

The best photos on Instagram are the ones that feature fluff-balls! But, with so much competition from, let’s face it, younger dogs - how is your dog going to stand out and make a name for himself far and wide as a dog of Instagram?

Duh, a bow tie collar, that's how. At first, people will be scrolling down their Instagram feed, half paying attention to the cute dogs that fill their stream. But then, they’ll stop, they’ll do a double take and BAM now they’re hitting like on that bad boy.

What did that picture have that all of the ones before didn’t? Your adorable dog in a gosh darned charming bow tie.

4. Party Ready!

The weekend is quality time for you and the pooch, it’s the time that you get to hike through beautiful nature together, or for those lazy weekends - just binge watch Netflix and order a pizza!

Sometimes though, you have to be sociable and leave the comfort of home to step into the world that is - weekend parties. But, nobody wants to go to a party alone, and even as a couple - you can get caught in that awkward just talking to each other scenario.

You know how there’s always that one person at the party that everyone else is crowding around, hanging on their every word? Yep. Well, that’s going to be you when you bring Fido decked out in his brand new bow tie!

I mean, hello, you brought a dog to a party - that’s cool enough. But, he dressed for the occasion? Stop. It’s too cute - I can’t take anymore.

5. More Success With The Opposite Sex

I’m not just talking success for Fido! Having a fluffy dog is an automatic babe and hunk magnet. It’s so much easier to strike up a conversation with someone when they’re busy chatting to your doggie, and it brings that whole swipe right thing back into the real world!

Now, I’m not saying get a dog just to find a life partner, but I will condone buying a doggie bow tie with that goal in mind. I mean, maybe don’t tell them that’s how you ended up falling in love. That should be our little secret!

6. Matchy-Matchy - colour coordinate


Photo Credit @niccyboy via Instagram

When you see kids with matching outfits, it’s pretty adorable, and when you see couples with matching outfits - it’s sometimes adorable. But, when you see dog and owner with matching outfits - I might faint from all of the cuteness.

And if one bow tie can be perfect for so many things, imagine the possibility of having a selection of them. That does it, I’ve made up my mind - I’ll take a bow tie collar in every colour!

7. Sneaky Business Associate


Photo Credit @milo.da.mutt via Instagram

Some offices have some downright silly rules around whether our four-legged-friends are allowed into the workplace. But here’s the thing, we won’t change these practices without smashing the stereotype of dogs being messy, crazy, and loud.

I haven’t met many dogs that enjoy being left at home alone all day, so let’s put an end to this nonsense once and for all, who’s with me?!

So here’s what we’ll do.

Step One - Make sure your dog is well trained - ain’t nobody got time for a barking pooch!

Step Two - Dress him up to the nines.

Step Three - Walk him into the office with your head held high!

Your boss will be so impressed with your distinguished gentleman of a pooch that he’ll have no choice but to immediately hire him as “Moral Manager” for your team!

Final Thoughts

With so many good reasons to surprise your dog with a bow tie collar, and not one bad reason, not one, can you think of any? Didn’t think so!

Go on, buy one already. And make sure to send us photos afterward, you’d imagine we’d be used to the sight of a dog in a bow tie by now, but that stuff never gets old!

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