Pets of the Stark Family



Game of Thrones is probably the coolest series HBO has ever presented to their viewers. You can hardly find anyone (literally anyone!) who has never heard of this awesome bloodbath series! So, who is your favorite character in the series – Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow or Arya Stark? I bet…it is either Jon or Daenerys. Forget Jon, forget Daenerys…have you missed Ghost in the last season?

Yes! You are right. I am talking about the beautiful white direwolf of Jon Snow. I know friends, who are crazy fans of Ghost. Many of them even have direwolf necklace and keyrings! Don’t be shocked, there is more to it, they even have direwolves shirt in their collection! But, do you know who is “Ghost” in reality?

Let me take you to the first episode when Ned Stark and his children found a direwolf mother with six puppies in the northern woods of Winterfell. If you can remember the scene, you know how cute were those puppies that any dog lover can hardly resist to keep them.

However, the fact is direwolves are myth…and you cannot have one in your home. Then who were Ghost, Shaggydog, Summer, Lady, Nymeria and Grey Wind? All those beloved direwolves characters adopted by the House Stark children were actually Northern Inuit Dogs!

Being a dog lover you must have become a part of the House Stark at the moment when Jon, Arya, Bran, Rickon, Sansa, and Robb adopted those homeless direwolves as their pet. Even, I was one of them! As a Game of Thrones fan, my journey was started with the House Stark. I even bought a cool stark winter is coming hoodie!

If we dig history a little deeper, we will find that dire wolf is an extinct specie, which was last seen may be…10,000 years ago! This specie of the wolf was mainly dominated in Central America and Southern North America. The interesting part is, the direwolves had European ancestors, which is unusual. It is strongly believed that unlike Grey Wolf and other North American Wolf species, the direwolves were evolved on the Western hemisphere.

The direwolves were unusually large (about five feet long) as well as heavier (more than 240 pounds). If you have seen Grey Wind (Robb Stark's wolf) in its 1-year-old picture – its height was almost 4 feet! May be this is why gorgeous direwolves are still alive in fantasy movies!

The Northern Inuits dogs that played the role of direwolves were the very similar European breed of dogs. They were created in the United Kingdom in the year of 1980. But, it was first acknowledged as the official breed of dog in 1998. So, these cute dogs are actually younger than many of us!

This breed was extremely friendly for their friendly attitude and a great nose. But, their popularity crossed the European country when they were introduced by the House Stark in Game of Thrones. Today, these dogs are as popular as the show itself. When the Game of Thrones fans are busy to buy winter is coming hoodie and winter is coming t-shirt, the dog lovers are buying the direwolve collections, namely - direwolves t-shirt, Winterfell direwolves shirt, and Winterfell direwolves logo.

The reason behind this crazy popularity of the direwolves or Northern Inuit dogs (to us they are synonymous now) is not only their cute furry body (yes…they have amazing fur) but also their bravery. The direwolves adopted by the Stark children were much more than the cute pets…they were and still are their guardians. Although not all of the direwolves made the season seven, the Game of Thrones fans will be relieved to know that, the Ghost (Jon's direwolf) and Nymeria (Arya’s direwolf) are still alive and they have probably reunited with their masters!

These direwolves were the most trust worthy pets in Game of Thrones…yes we can say it because even one of the pet dragons left Daenerys and joined the wrong army (white walkers!). Even, Martin (the author of A Song of Ice and Fire book) acknowledged in Mashable (2014) that he had a fascination with these great creatures. So, you can assume that Ghost and Nymeria are still alive in this bloodbath game to serve a greater purpose!

However, being a Game of Thrones fan we have no option but waiting next long two years (sounds like ages) to find out what our favorite direwolves characters are going to do. Do they make the final season or we have to remember them through direwolves pendants and t-shirts?

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