The Rise of The Dapper Dog Bow Tie Collar

With the pet industry booming and more and more people choosing pets over human children, it’s safe to say that it’s becoming an excellent time to be alive.

If you’re a dog, that is.

With the RSPCA estimating that 39% of Australian households have a furry family member, it’s clear to see that it’s not uncommon to welcome a four-legged son or daughter into your home. So what could you do to make your dog the alpha of the neighbourhood? The next Hugh Jackman of the doggy world? Okay, so you can’t get them a starring role in the X-men movies. But you can make them look and feel amazing.

Dogs have been on and off the catwalk for years; from London fashion week, 6 years ago to a Canadian charity event last October, it isn’t an unusual sight all around the globe.

Most recently, Gucci launched a doggy backpack and New York City hosted a ‘Pet Fashion Week’. But what if you could get a catwalk-worthy outfit for your own fur-baby? And we promise he or she won’t have to go anywhere near the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2017. The fashion industry is renowned for experimenting, trying wacky creations, and the pet-fashion industry is no different. However, here at iPLAY FETCH!, this one, well, we’re right on board with.

Bow ties. But not just any bow ties, doggy bow ties.

Okay, so it’s not a brand new concept and there have been plenty done before in a rather tasteless manner. But bear with us, it’s not as tacky as it sounds.

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This gorgeous designer collar and leash set is handmade to the highest quality. It’s not only adorable, but comfortable and practical. How many of your dog’s outfits can you say that about? We’ve all done the doggy-headband-with-cute-hat or the elf-suit at Christmas – if you’re anything like us, you’ll know that the awkward, uncomfortable ensemble goes down about as well as a trip to the vets. But, made of high quality material, this stunning collar is likely to be met with a far better reception. More affordable than a trip to the vets too!

With the rise in chic doggy accessories, pamper sessions, insta-accounts and five-star treatment at the groomers, your dog should not only look their best, but be comfortable too. Your dog can look good and feel great in this sophisticated collar that comes in a wide range of sizes with an adjustable leash. It’s machine washable too, so your dog can enjoy looking the part even in the worst of conditions!

It also comes in a variety of colours and designs so whether you’re off to the beach for a stroll or attending a dog-friendly wedding, they can look and feel amazing. The different choices even allow you and your pooch to colour co-ordinate – if that’s your thing.

Although bow-ties are traditionally a male accessory, with designs in every colour, fun patterns, lacy bits and even a flower, this bow-tie collar isn’t just for boys!

So dress your fur-baby to the nines and show them off to the world in a fun, practical and comfortable way.

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