Safe Car Doggy Seat Belt

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So your mutt is taking over your steering wheel wanting to be your furry Uber driver...

In Australia:
RSPCA statistics reveal about 5000 dogs each year are injured or killed as a result of falling from a moving vehicle.

Acknowledging this scary finding, you must put your dog's car safety in the forefront of your mind. This is a serious issue! In New South Wales, a driver can be fined $425 and be penalised 3 demerit points so it is also being enforced. Do not get caught out by the police, and also death.

Strap your dog in with this Safety Doggy Seat Belt. Pair it up with our Secure Doggy Car Harness for greater peace of mind!

  • Prevent serious injury to dog, all drivers and pedestrians with strong tension resistant Nylon.
  • Reduce distractions while driving.
  • Simple safety, just push it in the car buckle like any other seat belt.
  • Universal use for any car model and make.
  • Adjustable belt length for any dog breed and size.
  • Comfort for the dog as can sit, lay or stand freely safely in car.

Material: Nylon
Width: 2.4 cm (0.95 inches)
Length: 42 - 68 cm (16.54 - 26.78 inches)
Colour: Black / Yellow / Blue / Red / Purple / Green / Pink / White

*Please Note: Do not clip to your dog's collar to prevent serious injury. Only for use with harnesses.*