T-Rex Dinosaur Squeaker Dog Toy

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Who said dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years? iPLAY FETCH! nurtured the remaining eggs from Jurassic Park and placed it in the incubator for your fur baby. We wanted to make sure that a baby dinosaur will be the best buddy of every playful pooch in the world, the greatest they ever "saur"!
This giant plush toy is almost as big as the smaller dog breeds. RAWWWRRRR!!!

  • A prehistoric diversion of your dog's attention to prevent home destruction.
  • Solve the stress and boredom that your dog may display daily.
  • The ultimate distraction enjoy your moment of play with the animal kingdom.
  • Consistent interaction with every squeak! 
  • Premium quality and design even you'll appreciate as the one holding and throwing it.
  • Easy to get your pup excited for play and to focus on training.
  • Teach your dog to carry like a labrador retriever with a soft mouth.
  • Cute and prehistoric dog toy that even you will find joy in!

Toy Type: Squeaker Toy
Material: Plush
Colour: Orange / Brown / Olive
Length: 50 cm

*Please note: Our toys are durable and made out of high quality materials, but they are not indestructible so ensure your dog is supervised at all times.*