Treat Tumble Food Leakage Dog Ball (L)

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Your dog gives you that "Yo! You’re about to up and leave me again... for 8 hours straight? – geez it's gonna be a boring wait!". While it kills you inside that you have to go and see that sad face, you must go to work, run errands, shop or socialise.
Fortunately 'the look' doesn't need to stay, let iPLAY FETCH! flip that fur baby frown upside down with the Treat Tumble Food Leakage Dog Ball!

  • Treat and tumble interactive play for your pooch to enjoy for hours on end.
  • Bounce and roll it for pawsome bonding time for you too!
  • Challenging and engaging treat seeking fun 
  • 2 leak holes for treats to pour out of, your dog won't know which one it will come out of!
  • Safe materials, made with BPA free, non-toxic, food safe plastic
  • Durable structure this ball will keep on keeping on for your mutt.

Toy Type: Interactive Food Ball
Material: BPA Free / Non-Toxic / Food Safe Plastic
Size: 14.5 cm (L)

*Please note: Our toys are durable and made out of high quality materials, but they are not indestructible so ensure your dog is supervised at all times.*