Who We Are

Woof Woof Fetcher! I'm Len.

Nice to meet you!

iPLAY FETCH! is an online dog product retailer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Our mission is to help prevent dogs being neglected, disowned or surrendered to rescue shelters by tackling the root of the problem, us "hoomans".

We endeavour to help existing and prospective dog owners learn more about their world to ensure a fulfilling life-long companionship through the eyes of real dogs at The Blog Park!.

Our instaFETCHER! blog team will help in ownership education in synergy with our quality products to ensure dog and hooman relationships are always healthy and pure fun.

What we offer is not just for dogs, they are for YOU the pawsome owner.

We can't wait to play fetch with you and thank you for supporting our cause.

The Back Story

Melo & IMelo collage

Hey there, iPLAY FETCH! is a dedication to the furry loved ones in my life and now yours of course.

I have been blessed with three dogs. The first two were Billy and Boulder (both terrier breeds), and the third was my favourite Carmelo (Melo) the golden labrador.

There should not be any favourites, but hear me out.

Unfortunately we gave Billy and Boulder away (owned them on two separate occasions) when I was a child as our family did not know how to care for a dog like many dog owners may attest to. We as a family had learned many lessons from these mishaps, and were determined to try again with the wonderful Melo in 2008.

We educated ourselves for him by attending puppy school and obedience training and followed through at home or in the park. He turned out to be a happy and balanced pal which the destructive terriers never had the chance at being. If we had applied what we know now, Billy and Boulder would be with us for much longer. In early June 2016 he left us at a young age of only 8 years old due to renal failure.

Since Melo's passing in mid 2016, I have been driven to make a difference to dog owners and all dogs (stray, rescue, mistreated, misguided and spoiled dogs) by helping to educate, motivate, inspire people to make the most of their lives with their pooch as it can get taken away from them in an instant.

Thank you for listening and cannot wait to get to know your story also. Please do not hesitate to interact with us at the The Blog Park! in the comments section.

Your fellow dog lover,


Founder & CEO