Global Dog Problem

We aim to keep tails wagging in loving and educated households, not in cramped shelters or wandering cold streets. Let's also bump up the percentage of rescue shelter dog adoption!

The Worrying Facts

The truth in Australia:

  • Approximately 110,000 dogs are unclaimed in Australia's pounds and shelters each year.
  • About 40% of these dogs are put killed at the pound as homes have not been established for them.
  • The Australian Government's pound system does not place much urgency or no value on pet adoption.
  • It is up to community groups and charities to pick up the slack in attempting to save these unclaimed dogs.

The truth in the USA:

  • About 7.6 million companion animals enter shelters, where 3.9 million are dogs (51%).
  • Every year, approximately 2.7 million animals are put down, where 1.2 million dogs make up 44%.
  • Of the proportion of shelter rescue dogs, 35% are adopted, 31% are euthanised and 26% of stray dogs are given back to their owner.
  • Dogs are purchased from breeders 28% of the time and rescue shelter dogs are adopted at 29%, while the majority (43%) are from family members or acquaintances.

The truth in Canada:

  • At least 600,000 dogs in Canada are euthanized every year (500,000 in Quebec alone).
  • There are thousands of dogs waiting to enter rescues in every province and sadly, 
  • Many Canadians are unaware of the homeless dog overpopulation in their country. 
  • Also may not know the techniques used for euthanasia locally (lethal injection, gas chambers, heart sticking and gun shot).