Assorted Vibrant Dog Bowls

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Your dog is the cutest thing on Earth but their doggy bowl just doesn't match up. Boring silver, wow... How cool... NOT!
Checkout these Assorted Vibrant Dog Bowls. Now that's cool!

  • Finally, a dog bowl to complement the coolness of your dog companionship.
  • Anti-rust aluminium alloy bowls for longevity and easy cleaning.
  • 3 bright colour choices for both male and female furballs.
  • 2 styles, waved or curved designs to suit your style taste.
  • Waved design catches food that falls out of the bowl, reduces floor cleanup.
  • Removable alloy bowl allows you to use the underbowl instead for easier cleaning.
  • Choose either double or single bowls if you have more than one mutt or one for water the other for food.
  • Suitable for all breeds to enjoy. 

Material: Anti-rust / Aluminium Alloy
Volume: 500 g
Colour: Pink / Yellow / Blue
Length: 38 cm (Double Bowls)
Width: 25 cm (Double Bowls)

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