Corgi Nation Butt Shoulder Bag / Coin Purse

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So you have a corgi dog. Or you want one. Or you've seen one and then you buy one, or two. What makes the corgi breed so addictive? Their behinds. Corgi owners are all part of the same cult, The Corgi Butt Movement! We have many Instagram followers who conquer in numbers, especially in Australia.
Do you know what's so difficult about this breed's greatest ass-et? It's resisting the temptation to grab one.
Join the Corgi Butt Movement today!

  • Choices of a shoulder bag butt or coin purse butt design.
  • Crank your beats by putting your earphones through the butt hole of the shoulder bag.
  • Everlasting laughter and joy every time you pull out your belongings.
  • Rock your corgi love in any situation with all out cuteness and kick-ass!
  • Ultimate gift for your corgi loving mates.

    Material: Plush / Cotton
    Shoulder Bag Size: 20 x 16 cm
    Coin Purse Size: 13 x 10 cm