Double Dog Leash Ergonomic Handle

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You have multiple dogs to walk, especially if you're a paid dog walker. Your hands get tired and hurt from grasping multiple handles. The dogs cross paths, you get wrapped up and trip over. How annoying! Try just one handle.

  • Walk 2 dogs simultaneously while maintaining safe control over both.
  • Strong braided nylon polyester construction will keep your dogs safe and by your side no matter where they pull. 
  • Soft ergonomic handle will keep your mind and hand at ease, finally enabling you to hold your coffee or checking your facebook on your phone all in one motion.
  • For all breeds big or small.
  • Great colour choices to suit your family styling.
  • Pawfect for any owner and dog, particularly dog walkers!

Material: Nylon
Color: Red / Blue / Yellow
Total Length: 120 cm / 47 inches
Diameter: 1 cm