Miniature Fold-Out Doggy Sofa (Small Breeds)

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You love watching Netflix, Game of Thrones and your favourite sports teams but your dog keeps taking up your couch space. Why not give them their own lounge sofa! Get them their own Miniature Fold-Out Doggy Sofa and you won't have to complain again!

Designed in the USA makes this one trendy bed with meticulous design details.
Soft fleece top layer with armrests makes them feel a part of the hooman lounging culture.
Comfy cushioning can be folded out to maximum length for unrivalled doggy comfort.
Fold it back in for double the cushion while in the quick sit and stay command.
Now your dog can sit or lay in their own spot, off the family couch.

Feature: Breathable / 2-Ways Transforming Bed
Type: Beds & Sofas
Size: 45 cm x 40 cm x 15 cm
Weight: 510 g
Material: Cotton / Linen