Padded Tough Dog Harness

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Your dog goes nuts bolting after something so intriguing to them, the collar attached to your leash stops them in their tracks so suddenly. Why is this a worry? Being yanked back so quickly can put pressure on your dog's neck. Enter the harness!

  • Protect your dog's precious neck and prevent injury to their wind pipe, the trachea.
  • Easy-to-grab top handle can ensure you have total control of your dog.
  • Pawfect for overly active pooches.
  • Reflective threads woven into the nylon webbings makes nightly adventures safer.
  • Plenty of padding to keep the comfort levels up.
  • Cool patterns for style points.

Material: Nylon and Oxford cloth (polyester)
Feature: Protection / Control / Reflective / Comfort
Size: S / M / L / XL