Starter Dog Grooming Scissor Set

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A dog lover who doesn't mind cutting their own mutt's fur? Get your hands on this handy 6-piece dog grooming scissor set. This combo is all you need as a casual barber pawrent, your furbaby will be trimmed and lookin' adorbz!

Your Package:

1x Straight Scissors
1x Thinning Shears
1x Carry Case
1x Light-weight Comb
1x Fur Clip
1x Cleaning Cloth

Straight Scissors
Your main pair, great for cutting big chunks of thick haired mutts and areas in need of an even and straight-lined finish.

Thinning Scissors
For the more natural trim on your dog, to thin the main body coat out without removing any length. Best for thinning out the back end or the legs of the dog. Think of breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, Collies, Cocker Spaniels etc.

Leather Carry Case
Keep your precious grooming kit protected and organised.

Light-weight Comb
Don't feel the strain of combing out the loose hairs of your doggy.

Fur Clip
Keeps your trimming line of vision clear by holding intrusive and rebellious hair out of the way.

Cleaning Cloth
For hygiene and tidy purposes use the cloth to wipe hairs off your trimming equipment.

Type: Dog Grooming
Model Number: 14G0026GN0000
Material: Stainless Steel