Vibrant Mesh 2-Step Doggy Staircase

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Ok, so you either have a dog that is either too small or too old to jump up or down "mountainous heights" such as the bed or lounge room sofa, which can be hazardous to their joints. If you enjoy having your dog next to you during times of rest, it's best to invest in a Vibrant 2-Step Doggy Staircase!

  • Lightweight, stack more than one to cater to your desired height.
  • Safest way of struggling dogs to get on and off beds and couches.
  • Fun and colourful such an aesthetically pleasing accessory aid to any living room.
  • Easy to wash by hand.
  • So comfy and supportive they may even want to stay on a step itself!
Type: Dog Stairs / Steps / Ramp
Feature: Stackable / Breathable Mesh
Wash Style: Hand Wash
Weight: 1 kg
Material: Fiber / Polypropelene / Cotton
Colour: Blue / Deep Blue / Yellow / Black / Red / Pink / Green / Coffee / Camel / Grey / Orange / Rose
Flat Size: 66 cm x 39 cm x 10 cm
Stacked Size: 46 cm x 39 cm / 20 cm