Warm Slipper Style Dog Bed (Small Breeds)

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Dogs love to snuggle with hoomans and fellow furry friends as it helps them to feel safe, comfortable and warm. The bed time chills can be felt if your floors are tiled, your home has poor insulation or that winter has arrived.
Keep your pooch feeling like they're sleeping in a hug everytime they return to their Warm Slipper Style Dog Bed!

  • Batdog's secret cave to dig themselves in waiting to take down villains.
  • Canopy roof design your doggy will be at ease under, feeling a greater sens of security and safety.
  • Soft and plush cotton/fleece cushioning will enable them to retreat in comfort for long periods.
  • Alleviates anxious and easily startled pups who freak out from loud noises (storms and fireworks).
  • Lightweight and portable makes this one easy bed to change locations or to take on days out.
  • Pawfect for puppies and small dog breeds.

Material: 100% Cotton / Fleece
Wash Style: Hand Wash
Weight: 170 - 450 g
Breed: Small breeds.